THE REUNION is a topical story we hear about far too often.  I know the subject well because I’m a survivor.  I wrote this film to engage the audience in the intimate and complicated nature of having to make such a decision after an assault.   All sides are represented and whether you agree or not with the final decision the girls make in the film, it's a jumping off place for discussion.  

With the ENOUGH IS ENOUGH legislation on Sexual Assault popping up in almost every state, the goal is to keep women safe.  Showing the film is a valuable tool to change the atmosphere of tolerance in our culture.

The mission is to exhibit the film at festivals, in schools or any and all places young folks can be reached and TALK about staying safe so that it NEVER happens to you or someone you know.  More awareness is the key.   

I sincerely hope I have the opportunity to exhibit THE REUNION in a town near you.

Thank you.

Carmen Elly Wilkerson
Writer, Producer, Director